HOUSTON (KIAH) – It’s not what any driver wants to experience when out on the roads, but are you sure you know what to do if your car stalls on a highway?

Danny Perez, with the Texas Department of Transportation, breaks down what to do in this situation.

First of all, if there is a way to get off of the freeway safely, do that. Driving off to a frontage road or a gas station will be ideal. Danny mentions, “What we don’t want to see are folks parked out on the shoulder. The shoulder is just a white line. There is not much room between you and cars that are moving very fast.”

Danny also mentions Houston’s Tow and Go program. This program provides motorists with no-cost towing when their vehicle breaks down from mechanical failure (e.g., out of gas, overheating, flat tire) in the main lanes, shoulders, ramps or High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV)/High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes of freeways.

Reminder: always keep your hazards on when pulled over for vehicle malfunction. If the shoulder is too small, it may be best to wait it out until you get a wrecker service on the scene.