HOUSTON (CW39) – Imagine this… your vehicle stalls on a busy Houston freeway! Scary right? Would you know what to do or who to call? Danny with TxDOT helps us react safely if ever we find ourselves in this situation.

First things first, get off of the free way if you can. Although it is not always necessary to get out of your car, Danny tells us that is you need to get out of the vehicle, get out safely. Be situationally aware as some shoulders are wider than others, and some roads have no shoulder at all.

Rather than getting out of the vehicle and inspecting yourself… sometimes it I best to sit and wait. A great FREE resource that is available to you is the tow and go program. This is a safety program funded by the Federal Highway Administration and the Texas Department of Transportation to help ensure a safe a quick clearance for those experiencing vehicle malfunctions and to help reduce secondary accidents. 

Did you know? The chance of a secondary crash increases by nearly 3% every minute a breakdown or other hazardous incident remains on the freeway.  The Tow and Go service area includes all camera monitored freeways in Harris county, Bellaire, Jersey Village, La Porte, and Humble.

Tow and Go Service Map

For more information on Tow and Go you can call 713-881-3333.