HOUSTON (KIAH)– Texas gas prices are seeing an average of $3.83 per gallon of regular unleaded gas, AAA Texas says.

This is three cents less than last week and is 27 cents more per gallon compared to this day last year. Out of the major metropolitan areas in Texas, drivers in El Paso are paying the most at $3.71 per gallon while drivers in the area are paying the least at $3.24 per gallon.

In Houston, the average gas price is $3.30 per gallon, which is four cents lower than last week, but 28 cents higher than last year. In Galveston and Texas City, the average gas price is $3.33 per gallon, three cents higher than last week.

The national price on average for a regular gallon of unleaded gas is $3.83 — just four cents less compared to this day last week and seven cents more than a year ago. There’s been a trend with crude oil prices being more expensive with above $90 per barrel because of a tight global supply.

The year-over-year price gap statewide is at an increase of two cents per gallon at 27 cents more than one year ago in Texas. The state saw increased fuel demand every week, but gas stocks also saw an increase.

Drivers can expect gas prices to decrease and increase with possible relief coming as we get into cooler temperatures. AAA Texas Spokesperson, Daniel Armbruster said, ““The statewide average dropped three cents this week, but fluctuation remain possible. Crude oil, the main ingredient in gasoline, continues to be more expensive due to tightening global supplies.”

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