Tracking Beta’s impact on Houston areas still flooded

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CW39’s Courtney Carpenter on flooded roadways

HOUSTON (CW39) – Many around our area are still feeling the effects of Beta as it travels east, and clears out of our area.

Highway 288 was heavily impacted and was shut down at I-45, 610 and 59 throughout the day on Tuesday as high water covered the road.

CW39’s Courtney Carpenter was there as lanes reopened early Wednesday morning. The north bound lanes were open before 5:00 a.m. and TxDOT crews were on scene working to clean off the south bound lanes. All of the main lanes of 288 reopened shortly after 6:00 a.m.

Further south near the intersection of Monroe Road and the Beltway, several cars were stalled in the water throughout Wednesday morning.

Some people did decide to drive though the water, however, most people turned around. At times, there was a bit of a backup as people tried to figure out which way to go.

By mid-morning, several tow truck drivers were lined up, waiting to get authorization from the Houston Police Department to start removing the stalled cars from the road.

Courtney talked with a tow truck driver who explained what these past few days have been like. He said he is going on just a few hours of sleep and that they have been busy towing around this area since yesterday. He also explained how they go about determining “who gets the tow” as well as some words of advice for drivers.

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