HOUSTON (CW39) — This week, TxDOT’s Click it or Ticket campaign began. Through Sunday, June 5, Texas officers and deputies will step up enforcement of the state’s seat belt and child car seat laws.   

Texas law requires everyone in a vehicle to be adequately secured in the front or back seat or face fines and fees up to $200.

Children younger than 8 years old must be restrained in a child safety seat or booster seat, unless they are taller than 4-foot-9. 

In 2021, Houston had 551 crashes where seatbelts were not worn. So far this year, by January 21, Houston drivers have been in 550 crashes where seatbelts were not worn and resulted in Injuries.

Sonny Nguyen, Commander, Houston Police Department

Since its launch in 2002, the Click It or Ticket initiative in Texas is estimated to have saved 6,972 lives and Prevented 120,000 serious injuries.