HOUSTON (KIAH) — Driving under the influence (DUI) is costly in Texas and carry hefty fines for things like insurance increases, court costs, probation with DUI fatalities ranking high in Houston. a new study ranks local DUI fatalities among the highest in the country.

Sellmax did several driving studies, including the most dangerous cities to drive in based on DUI fatalities and Houston is the seventh. The study breaks down the percentage of driving under the influence (driving under the influence according to the local population.

Jacksonville, Florida ranked the most dangerous for driving under the influence fatalities, with 0.0180%, closely followed by Colorado Springs’ 0.0175%, and Fresno just behind in third with 0.0170%.

Among safest cities, New York and Boston. are among the top 10 cities by driving under the influence. Laredo, Texas was the only city in Texas to rank among safest at number four.