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HOUSTON (KIAH) It’s no secret that gaming has reached a new high score in popularity—according to a 2020 study from the NPD Group, 3 out of 4 Americans play video games.

The GetCenturyLink team found out which states have the largest gaming communities per capita.

Turns out, Texas has the 4th biggest gaming community per capita in America. 

Six factors were considered when tabulating results:

  • Population demographics
  • number of gaming conventions
  • number of social gaming groups
  • average internet download speed
  • percentage of residents that own computers
  • Access to 5G coverage

Check out how Texas stacks up against the rest of the country in the full report here.

Top 3 states with the largest gaming communities per capita: 

  • Maryland ranked #1 for the largest gaming community per capita nationwide. The Old Line State has the most gaming Meetup groups per 100,000 people at 385 groups, and 53% of the state’s population has 5G coverage.
  • New Jersey has the second largest gaming community per capita with an average 5G coverage of 70% and the second most gaming Meetup groups at 264 per 100,000 people.
  • California’s gaming community ranked third. The Golden State has the highest number of gaming conventions and Comic-Cons of any state, with 15 gaming-related events. 

To find the complete dataset, a full breakdown of our methodology, high-resolution images, and citation guidelines, see our media kit here.