Baytown veteran shares the impact of serving in the military

Veterans Voices

BAYTOWN, Texas (KIAH) – Just like first responders, the military is a vital part of the community. A local veteran says it’s the culture of the military that instilled life-long values like integrity, loyalty, and teamwork that make a difference in the lives of those who serve and has an impact on everyday citizens.

Kevin Troller, a veteran of 26 years, says it was a split-second decision he made in college to join the military.

“I loved it. I found who I was. The discipline. The regimentation. Even the physical and mental nature of the core… I really really liked,” said Troller.

Troller says that moment changed the outlook of his life forever.

“A core member that was a senior and they’re dressed all up in their uniform and their high boots and everything. Came up to me and explained the school. And at the end of the explanation he said if you don’t join the core, you don’t understand the school,” said Troller.

Troller says outside of veterans day and memorial day. Two days a year dedicated to celebrating the ones who fight for our country…veterans are typically overlooked. On the other hand, he says that’s progessively getting better.

“I go to many venues now that seem to go out of the way to ask veterans either currently serving or vets to stand up and be recognized. That didn’t happen a long time ago,” said Troller.

Toller was actively serving and working across from the Pentagon on the day of the 9/11 attacks. He says experiences from that tragic day along with transferable skills and values he picked up in the military still, impact his life today as a leader.

“I fought and soldiers fought so you have that right to express yourself that way. I don’t have to like how you express yourself but you have the freedom to express yourself because of the military. I think that’s something that people should – something that should resonate with most people,” said Troller.

Not only did the military help troller get through school, overcome life obstacles, and build strong relationships around him. He says serving is not for everyone, but everyone should consider it. If it’s not for you…. find a way to contribute in your own way.

“The fact that we as a country can’t do what we do and predict our freedoms and way of life without the military, I will encourage people all the time to join the military,” said Troller.

Although he now works as the assistant city manager of Baytown. Trollery says, “I will always consider myself a soldier.”

Aside from working in Baytown, Troller speaks at different engagements in the community and works closely with the military in this area to continue making a difference. 

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