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HOUSTON (KIAH)– Christopher Meyer is a veteran and a family law attorney who has dedicated his life to helping others just like him. He can be found in a courtroom fighting for his clients or in his office reviewing cases but he was once a college freshman who lived through 9/11 and enlisted in the army right after.  

He remembers that time in his life as difficult. He says wars don’t end as soon as you leave the battlefield sometimes the hardest fight comes after.  

I still remember vivid memories of a rocket attack, would not leave, remembering stressful events, would not go away. I remember avoiding certain things and being hyper-vigilant.

Christopher Meyer, Attorney

Through therapy provided by the VA and meditation, Christopher was able to find his purpose in serving his community. 

Christopher began advocating for veterans. After several years and many calls to legislators in 2016, he was able to get Houston Metro to give Bus and Rail rides to disabled veterans for free.

It was probably one of my most defining moments, where I was able to use my legal education to bring a meaningful benefit.

Christopher Meyer, Attorney

Christopher says dedicating his life to helping others has made him realize the secret to life is simple-make someone happy and that happiness will follow you.

For example, after Hurricane Harvey I went to help people I didn’t even know  rebuild their homes and I felt great and that is why I enjoy serving the community.

Christopher Meyer, Attorney