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Couples coping with quarantine may find it a big challenging to keep that spark as they spend more time together during quarantine.

Morning Dose’s Maria Sotolongo talks with Couples Therapist Dr. Viviana Coles to discuss ideas for couple on how to face the challenge of spending day-in and day-out at home together.

Just because there’s going to be quantity of time together, doesn’t mean it’s all going to be quality time, – and that’s ok, Dr. Coles says.

Dr. Coles has these tips for couples trying to have a better experience during this “new normal”:

  • Don’t force quality time.
  • Carve out alone time.
  • It’s ok to break the rules.
  • Cook together and light candles.
  • Don’t give up your space.

What do you do if you’re single? Watch the video for more from Dr. Coles.