Houston Weather – Weekend preview forecast


HOUSTON (CW39) So maybe you’re planning on heading out of the house this weekend after cold weather has had you cooped up the past couple of days. If you’re making plans for the weekend, we have your forecast preview.

Nice weather is on the way, with 60’s for your Saturday. Then a little bit of cloud cover moves in on Sunday with temperatures in the upper 50’s by that time. Off in Dallas, we’re seeing those 50’s for both days this weekend. A little chilly during the nighttime.

If you’re traveling out to Austin, they’re looking at some nice weather as well, so great conditions all throughout the state for this weekend.

We’re not really tracking much in terms of rainfall. Our next system is going to come through as we head into our Saturday and going into our Sunday afternoon. The good news is that this is going to be passing rather dry. We’re not really going to have a whole lot of moisture from this system to work with. We’ll see a slight increase in cloud cover as we head into late in day on Sunday. We’ll watch as this passes through. We’re really not going to get much rainfall out of that. It’s just kind of sweeps out of here and off to the east along the coastline. Say maybe toward Galveston if you are heading out to the beach. One or two very very light showers, for even a couple of minutes, might be possible.

It’s also great car washing weather to clean the car before you head out.


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