“Summer Cleaning” on Fitness Friday

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It’s the first week of summer. We’ve heard of “spring cleaning” — where you clean your house. But, how about some “summer cleaning?” Let’s clean the body up for pool season and make it brand spanking new! You’ll need your favorite cleaning supplies: laundry detergent, a broom, a waste basket and a towel.

The first exercise is a twist on a “clean and jerk.” You’ve probably heard of the clean and jerk, a standard power lifting exercise. We are going to “oxi-clean” and jerk. Here’s what you do: Back stays flat, push your hips back. Tap the ground, jump, elbows poke out, pop up, arms lock out. You’re going to do 30 reps of this. The heart rate should spike. Do 3 sets of that.

Next, we have the “feet sweepers.” I’m going to sweep you off your feet with this one. Hop from either side of the broom, all the way down, and all the way back. That’s one time. We have 6 times of that. Then, we have 3 sets total.

Our third exercise is the “waist trimmers.” Take a waste basket, lay on the ground, we are trimming the waistline with this! Now, you don’t want the trash to fall on your head, otherwise this will get messier! As you crunch up, you’re going to keep the waist basket straight over your head. Do 50 reps and 3 sets of this.

Our final exercise is a “hamstring slider.” You’ll need a towel and a slippery surface. Put your feet on the towel, lay on the ground, hands flat on the ground, thrust your hips upward, and slowly slide your feet out. This is so intense, you won’t believe it until you try it. As you slide the towel out, your hamstrings get such a great burn. Bring the feet back and slide it out.

There you go! After all that, your body is summer cleaned!

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