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HOUSTON (CW39) It is quite a bit colder outside than it was yesterday by about 15 to 20 degrees. That’s putting our temperatures in the 40’s, but it is feeling colder than the 40’s right now. In Huntsville 40 degrees. 41 in Conroe. 42 cold degrees in Houston.

The warmest temperature you’ll find on this map is our friends in Galveston coming in at 46 degrees. Sustained winds
out of the north about 5 to 15 miles per hour.

It feeling like 35 degrees in Houston. Feeling like 32 in Wharton about an hour ago. We have a few lingering clouds in the wake of that front that cool front yesterday.

We’ll have a little bit of sunshine this afternoon.

The next couple of days, we’ll have some clouds in the picture with a slight rain chance tomorrow. Another front coming through so on your commute home tomorrow, you might have a shower to contend with and not anything too major, but the big story there is the cold air on the backside of that front.

Yes, colder air! 34 degrees for your Thursday morning. We’ll have a little bit of a warm-up but by a warm-up, we’re taling mid to upper 60’s.

Another system coming through on Saturday will keep things kind of cool and even a little bit rainy this upcoming weekend.

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