ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – If your knee or elbow starts throbbing around the same time there’s a change in weather, you’re not alone. One Abilene chiropractor says times of severe weather happens to be also be the time when he sees more patients.

Local woman, Brenda Wilde, says she enjoys her daily walks. But during certain points in the year, it becomes a painful hobby.

“I can feel it coming on, and so it could be the weather,” Wilde said.

During the coldest days of winter and hottest weeks of summer, Wilde said she’ll begin to feel pain in her joints. According to Dr. Scott Wofford, Chiropractor at West Texas Back Clinic in Abilene, Wilde isn’t the only one.

“I see a lot of people coming in with joint pains, especially when the [weather] fronts move in,” Dr. Wofford said.

Dr. Wofford told KTAB/KRBC he typically sees a 15 to 20-percent increase in patients during severe weather at this time of year.

“When a front moves in, such as rain, the barometric pressure can drop,” Dr. Wofford advised. “When it drops, that can cause inflammation on the muscle and the tendon that attaches to the joint.”

Dr. Wofford described this concept to his patients using the metaphor of a weighted blanket.

“Pretend that you have this heavy, heavy blanket on top of you,” Dr. Wofford illustrated. “It makes it harder for your joints to move.”

This chiropractor did offer up a solution to the throbbing joint pain: “Exercise, stretch and drink a lot of water… staying hydrated, that always helps.”