HOUSTON (KIAH) – Sunshine, warm air and light winds will once again produce elevated levels of ozone in the air around Houston, Galveston and Beaumont Friday afternoon. Like Thursday, those levels could be unhealthy for people that are sensitive to ozone, which may include elderly and young children.

Air quality alert Friday

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has declared Friday and Saturday an “ozone action day”.

Click here for more information about ozone and its impact on our health.

Meanwhile, poor air quality has been noted in the Central and Northern U.S. as dense smoke from wildfires in Canada is moving southward behind a cold front.

Smoke forecast Friday

That smoke will disperse as it moves south, but it likely will be dense enough to produce borderline unhealthy levels of particulates (PM2.5) in North Texas Saturday. TCEQ says “moderate” air quality is expected in Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

Smoke forecast Saturday