HOUSTON (KIAH) – Houston’s rain-making storm system departs to the north, leaving Southeast Texas with little to no rain Thursday and Friday. However, another storm system will arrive from the Pacific Ocean, likely delivering heavy rain to Central, West and South Texas.

Forecast rain totals through Monday

NOAA’s Weather Prediction Center suggests that a large area from San Antonio to Del Rio could see widespread rain totals of five to sever inches, with some areas possibly getting more. A lot of this will begin late-day Friday.

Some storms stemming from the main system may drift eastward into the Greater Houston area Saturday morning, with off and on scattered storms continuing to be a possibility through the rest of the day and on Sunday. Not a washout this weekend, but your outdoor plans could be impacted at times.

Houston 7-day forecast

The other change in our weather: the temperatures are going up. After highs in the 70s the last two days, we’re back to the 80s. With the humidity, it will feel like 90s in the afternoon.