HOUSTON (CW39) – If you have a farming background, or perhaps just an avid tender to your backyard garden, you know how important healthy soil is to generating healthy plants. However, new reports from Climate Central are showing us that the soil under our feet is doing a lot more than we think to the world around us. By keeping your soil healthy, you will also be aiding in the soil’s efficiency to store carbon dioxide! A win for your produce and a win for the environment.

Source: Climate Central

By pulling carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, soils play a big role in balancing the global carbon budget. This slows the rate of global warming!

According to the full study from Climate Central, “Ensuring appropriate nutrient balance is crucial, particularly in nutrient-deficient soils. Natural inputs, including composted food waste, plant material, or manure can benefit soil and increase carbon storage”.

The outcome of the study also suggest that farmers use managed grazing, also known as rotational or prescribed grazing, mimics the way large animals naturally move across the landscape by moving livestock between pastures.

Climate Central reports that, “This prevents overgrazing so soil doesn’t go bare, allowing grass to keep roots in the soil, improving water infiltration and preventing soil erosion and nutrient runoff. That promotes carbon sequestration.”

Source: Climate Central

Importance of protecting our wetlands

Did you know?

Wetlands hold 30% of the world’s soil carbon, despite consisting of a small fraction of the land surface.

If the wetlands are not restores properly they can become a huge source of emissions. Most of the carbon dioxide that they hold can then be released BACK into the air.

Climate Central states in their study, “Some of the most substantial losses occur in Louisiana, with one third of the country’s coastal wetlands, followed by North Carolina and Texas.”