HOUSTON (CW39) – According to a new study performed by by Climate Central, most Americans are concerned about climate change and support a range of climate policies. In Texas, 65% of people in the study reported that they are concerned about climate change, but only believe 38% are. Simply put, we are not giving our friends and neighbors enough credit for their attention to our changing planet.

For America as a whole, new research shows that, 65% of Americans are concerned about climate change. They incorrectly think that only 43% of Americans are concerned. Similar underestimates were nearly universal across all 50 states and a range of demographics, and also apply to our perceptions of others’ support for climate policies.  

These misperceptions matter because they can affect whether or not we talk about climate change, or take action on the issue.

With the exception of Alaska and Vermont, statewide underestimates were at least 10 percentage points and ranged up to nearly 29 percentage points in Mississippi—where 61% of residents are concerned about climate change, yet they perceive statewide concern to be only 33%. Several other states were close behind with underestimates of 28 percentage points (Alabama, New York, South Dakota, and Texas).