HOUSTON, Texas  (KIAH) – Chief Peter Davis with Galveston Island beach Patrol explains the hazards that lurk along our cost for the next few days. Tropical activity will cause for the development of some rip currents and rough seas. He urges unexperienced swimmers and surfers to stay out of the waters during this time, or wade in at a lower knee deep level.

Lightning will also be a hazard with lots of thunderstorm activity over the course of Thursday and Friday. He states that when lightning comes within 10 miles, guards begin to ask people to come out of the waters and seek shelter under a covered, safe structure.

Coastal regions will get the most rainfall from this tropical system. Rain totals could add up to 4-6 inches along our beaches and bays. Winds will not be a great threat to your home and property, gusts remain in the 20s and 30s, but this is plenty enough wind to generate rip currents.

Today Galveston has a yellow flag flying! Practice caution in the water. Chief Peter Davis expects yellow and red flags to be flown for the rest of the week.