HOUSTON (KIAH) — Cold is often relative. Just ask your family, friends or coworkers and most of them will likely disagree on a comfortable temperature for the thermostat.

When we look at temperatures around the nation on this Tuesday, we see a lot of cold. Of course, many northern areas are usually cold this time of year, so local average temperatures reflect that.

Forecast high temperatures Tuesday

High temperatures Tuesday will likely be in the 40s and 30s for much of the northern U.S., with a few 20s in the mix. Highs in the 50s extend as far south as the Gulf Coast.

Where is the weather most out of whack? We can compare each city’s forecast high temperature with the daily average high temperature, giving us the image below that shows the “departure from normal high temperatures”. All that blue means colder than normal!

Departure from normal high temperatures Tuesday

Some areas in the North are more than 20 degrees colder than normal. But, as a whole, it looks like Texas may win the right to complain the most as almost the entire state is between 15 and 20 degrees colder than normal.

On Wednesday, once again Texas can make a strong case for the being the relative coldest in the Contiguous U.S.

Forecast high temperatures Wednesday
Departure from normal high temperatures Wednesday