HOUSTON (KIAH) – It’s a mix of 30s and 40s for Greater Houston Monday morning, but a big warmup is coming this week. In fact, I think it’s quite possible that this will be the coldest we see until the fall.

First, the short-term forecast. Clouds increase Monday with afternoon temperatures in the 50s for most. A few areas may top out around 60 degrees. Then, it cools to 50s Monday evening, but temperatures likely hold steady or warm a bit late overnight. It’ll be near 60 at sunrise Tuesday.

Forecast highs for Houston

As you can see in the image above, temperatures warm significantly this week as breezy south winds kick in Tuesday through Thursday. The next cold front arrives Friday with rain, but it’ll be weak in terms of cold air.

Houston 7-day forecast
Is Houston done with 30s? Probably

Finally, let’s dive in to why I think there’s a good chance this morning is Houston’s last brush with 30s for several months. In the short-term, we know it’s going to warm up. In fact, reliable models suggest cold air stays away for the next two weeks, which takes us into early April. Historically, Houston’s average last date of temperatures under 40 degrees is March 15th. And, when looking at temperatures in 2022, Houston did not dip below 40 after this date until October. So, are we done with 30s? Probably, but never say never. Houston’s latest spring occurrence below 40 degrees was April 20th in 2013.