HOUSTON (KIAH) — After a year of daily weather forecast analysis among all TV stations in Houston, WeatheRate ranks CW39 as Houston’s most accurate. We’re obviously quite proud of this certification, so you’ll notice we’ve added “certified Houston’s most accurate” at the top of our 7-day forecast.

CW39 – 7-day forecast for Houston

How does WeatheRate work?

WeatheRate is an independent television forecast verification company. They record the forecast every day for all TV stations in about 100 major cities across the U.S., using a sophisticated scoring system. Points are assigned based on accuracy, with forecast verification based on actual weather observations at official weather and climate stations nationwide. Locally, that site is located at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).

More than just temperatures

In addition to measuring high and low temperatures, WeatheRate monitors many more aspects of weather when calculating the forecast score. This includes rain, the time of day it will rain, clouds, fog, wind and even severe storms. Daily scores are calculated for the forecast over the following four days.

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