HOUSTON (CW39) – The west coast continues to be plagued with extreme heat this afternoon after a record setting week of temperatures so far. Excessive heat warnings, heat advisories, red flag warnings are issued for a vast portion of the western U.S. Sacramento’s high on Tuesday afternoon, 116 degrees, broke an all time record from. 1925. Yesterday the Sacramento Int Airport reached 110 degrees, continuing the triple digit streak.

If Denver reaches 100 today, which is very doable, it’ll be their latest 100 on record. Earlier this summer, in June, they had their earliest 100 on record.

Poor air quality will continue throughout Denver, northern Idaho, and much of Wyoming due to ongoing wildfires in the region. Smoke, with the addition of high temps will make it unhealthy to be outdoors for long periods of time. This is especially true for those who suffer from heart and lung issues.

You may have noticed that flood watch issued for Southern California and though, “Hmmmm? Rain and heat/fire/drought don’t normally go hand and hand.

In the tropics, Hurricane Kay will act as a wildcard in the forecast for the Pacific west coast bringing both positive and negative impacts. The added rainfall from Kay could potentially really help the drought conditions and fire threat for the southern part of the state.

Also, tropical moisture will be able to funnel much further inland to provide relief to Nevada, and Arizona as well.

As of this morning Kay is a Category 1 Hurricane with sustained winds of 85 mph. Rainfall from this tropical system is a GOOD thing for SoCal, but added tropical storm force winds could aid in wildfire spreading.

Current winds associated with Kay are already impacting parts of Baja. Later this week, is when those gusty winds could move further inland posing the threat for wildfire spread.