HOUSTON (KIAH) – A flood watch is in effect for Southeast Texas, including Houston, from 10 a.m. Tuesday until 7 p.m. Wednesday. Heavy, slow-moving showers and thunderstorms will likely produce widespread rain totals of two to three inches, but, according to the National Weather Service, some areas could get up to five to seven inches of rain.

Flood watch Tue-Wed

A slow-moving storm system is drifting through Texas for a couple of days. In this weather scenario, it’s difficult to pinpoint the timing and location of the heaviest rain, but we know flooding is likely to occur in our general region.

Flood watch Tue-Wed

We’ll need to watch for street flooding, and it’ll be worth monitoring creeks, streams and bayous. We expect most waterways to stay within their banks. You can monitor those waterways in real time with the interactive map from the Harris County Flood Warning System.

Houston 7-day forecast

The heaviest rain wraps up after Wednesday, but we’re not done with rain just yet. Scattered showers and thunderstorms remain in the forecast for several more days. Keep an eye on radar here and on the CW39 app.