Galveston water update, please conserve

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Wichita Falls solves water shortage with toilet water

The city wants to turn sewer water into drinking water.

GALVESTON (CW39) The City of Galveston is asking residents to conserve their water usage.

City officials have restored water to many areas served by the 30th Street pump station and the airport pump station, though we are aware that numerous residents remain without water. They are working to get it restored island-wide.

Officials say the water service on as long as possible, though intermittent disruptions may be necessary as we attempt to stabilize the water supply due to major water line breaks across the island.

As work continues to repair broken water mains, there will also be isolated shutoffs. Officials say, if your home is experiencing water leaks, we recommend shutting off the water locally until a plumber can address the leak. Please notify Municipal Utilities at 409-797-3630 to report the water line break.

The City is asking to please conserve water by using it only for essential tasks. Please limit shower times and avoid running dishwashers or washing machines. Remember, we remain under a boil water advisory, meaning water for human consumption should be boiled first and cooled before drinking.



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