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HOUSTONTexas  (KIAH) – As of 3 p.m. the freezing line is running along I-35. Traveling east to west, this is where that transition from cold rain to sleet/ ice will begin. There are already reports of freezing rain accumulating on elevated surfaces near Austin. Snowflakes are being seen in town just north of Frederiksberg. Approaching this evening, temperatures will steadily drop as the freezing line will begin to consume more of southern and southeast Texas. Just to the west of Sealy, along I-10 there is already a mix of rain/ sleet occurring. This mix will become more common in counties and towns further east ahead of the the 6 p.m. hour.

We will be plenty of cold enough for sleet/ice/ snow to occur come the overnight hours and Friday morning. However, the problem with creating any wintery precip will be the lack of precip itself, not the lack of cold air. Moisture fades to our south late into the night.

Tomorrow will be very cold to start, any residual moisture on roads will likely freeze especially on bridges and overpasses. Impacts are expected to be minimal as not much wet ground will be left out overnight. Winds will aid in drying that up for us, allowing for a less stressful morning commute.