HOUSTON, Texas  (KIAH) – High temperatures will reach middle 90s in town today, low 90s for the coast, and near 100 inland. However, we will all be feeling like 100+ at some point today.

There will the the threat for strong rip currents at the beach today. A rip current is a relatively small-scale surf-zone current moving away from the beach. Rip currents form as waves disperse along the beach causing water to become trapped between the beach and a sandbar or other underwater feature. The water converges into a narrow, river-like channel moving away from the shore at high speed.

Rip Current Formation

Even the strongest swimmers struggle in rip currents. Swim near lifeguard stands today to avoid any potential mishaps. Keep an eye on small children so they do not wade deep into to the water or get swept by a rip.

Pack. the sunscreen! UV is topping the charts at a level 11 this afternoon. Water temperature in Galveston is 85 degrees. Winds will be slightly breezy at times between 10-15 out of the south.

Hurricane Bonnie has formed in the Pacific. Wind speeds are sustained at 80 mph, putting it at as a Category 1 hurricane. A new update will be released from NHC at 7 a.m.