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HOUSTON (KIAH) — Summer-like heat surges back to Houston this week with increasing temperatures through Thursday when it could be near 100 degrees.

CW39 Houston 10-day forecast

The normal high this time of year is 90 degrees, so Houston will be well above that. Mid and upper 90s will be common throughout the week as high pressure strengthens over Texas, with the heat peaking near 100 degrees Thursday. Thursday’s September 22nd record to beat is 100, and Friday’s September 23rd record to beat is 96.

Long-range models suggest a nationwide pattern change next week that could open the door for a modest cold front to arrive from the north.

Of course, being specific with the forecast 7-10 days ahead is very tricky. Just know that we see potential for change, and next week’s temperature forecast could fluctuate as we get more info and better model data closer to that time. Keep checking back for updates.