HOUSTON (KIAH) — The peak of ragweed season is here, and we’re certainly feeling it in Houston with the highest ragweed count since 2020.

Houston allergy report

The Houston Health Department’s latest allergy report shows ragweed in the “extremely heavy” category with a count of 632 ragweed grains per cubic meter of air. Anything above 500 is considered extremely heavy, which has been reported a few times lately. 632 is the highest so far this season, and also higher than last year’s peak of 459 on October 7th. In 2020, the count topped 800.

When does ragweed season end?
Ragweed usually ramps up in September and peaks during the first half of October, but the count can still top 100 at times through the end of October. Low amounts usually linger through November. Click here for the Houston Health Department’s archive of pollen counts.