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CW39 Chief Meteorologist Adam Krueger

HOUSTON (CW39) We just talked about those cold temperatures out there start the day today, but it’s going to warm up to around 7 year low with 70’s this afternoon but things are changing. While it looks really quiet around here right now and it is… We’re going to see the pattern changing on us this week and it’s going to be much different than what we’ve been experiencing lately.

Instead of the cool dry conditions, we’re talking about some more spring-like temperatures and some wet weather making a return. You’re already going to start to visibly see some changes later today. Some clouds will start to move in the sky this afternoon with maybe a sprinkle along the coast but mostly we’re dry today.

Now as we go through the overnight hours, clouds fill in. It will be much much warmer tonight. We might not even get below 60 degrees by sunrise tomorrow.

Some scattered light showers.

A front to our north bound, that’s probably going to be more so the focal point for some rain tomorrow. So while it’s possible there’s a little rain maybe near Houston tomorrow. I think mostly it’s going to hang to the north. This front will come through the cools us down a little bit Wednesday and you see at least some scattered showers starting to move into the area Wednesday and this type of pattern is going to be with us for several days not just into Wednesday, but well beyond that.

So our 7 day forecast shows that here coming up we’ve got rain chances, galore another. Not high rain chances, this basically just means it’s going to be some scattered rain. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be a washout every single day.

Now temperatures, let’s start here, we’ve got 71 for today and 60 is the low tomorrow morning. 73 Wednesday. Then we’re down a little I showed you that front coming in that brings us down to 60’s as cool as it gets Wednesday. The rest of the week 70’s for highs 50’s and 60’s for lows.

So these cold nights we’ve had been experiencing lately – those are thing of the past for a while. Now the rain chances are not that high maybe a few spotty showers Tuesday, some scattered rain starts to develop on Wednesday and then T hursday and then there’s still some details yet to be figured out towards the end of the week.

In general, we do expect a pattern that’s going to keep some rain are forecast for Friday and for the upcoming weekend as well.



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