Houston Weather – Almost spring-like temperatures this afternoon

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HOUSTON (CW39) It’s been a cold week here in southeastern Texas. We’re getting a little bit of that winter weather fatigue, down to 40. Good news is that it’s only 66 more days until spring time.

So we’ll keep that in mind for this afternoon. Expect conditions this afternoon to be almost spring-like. A little on the chilly side but still spring-like. The sun’s out & we’re not looking at much in terms of cloud cover. Rain is actually going to hold off for a couple of days for us here in Houston. We’re going to be warming up into around 60 degrees this afternoon lower 60’s in some locations, but dry weather for today Thursday and for your Friday for that car wash.

Do any kind of outdoor activities while you can. We’re seeing this dry pattern for absolutely great conditions over the next couple of days, so plan for that road trip in the weekend ahead.


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