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HOUSTON (KIAH) — While most in Texas are under a winter weather watch, there are no alerts in southeast Texas. However, there is a winter storm watch in effect in the Austin area and just north of southeast Texas as well.  

From Austin to Dallas along I-35, there is a warning for accumulating ice and that’s going to be the main concern in that area. Also, some very cold temperatures and some dangerous wind chills could be coming in to that part of Texas as well.

It all stems from this strong culprit. This is Arctic air for us, so there’s very cold air behind it. There will be parts of the Midwest for example on Wednesday. They are looking at rain, but also ice and snow later on. It all depends on where exactly that front is positioned along the general southeast part of the nation.

Going into Thursday, there could be some significant ice where freezing rain and sleet will be occurring, maybe even here on Thursday. However, it’s not expected to be a impactful type of situation. That’s why there aren’t there are no winter storm watches in effect here locally.