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HOUSTONTexas (KIAH) The worst of the rain is probably clear of Houston, but we still have problems on the roads. Right now, the radar shows that we’ve got that heavy rain and there’s wind.

The rain and lightning is heading right into Anahuac right now, and the Bolivar Peninsula is getting that. Some places like Galveston, as well as much of Houston, is in the clear for the heavy stuff this morning.  But more light and moderate showers are continuing, which is simply just going to keep the roads wet.

As far as a problems with high water on the roads and things of that nature, that’s not really an issue for most of our Houston commuters this morning.

This line of wet weather is going east at about 20 miles per hour, so Winnie, for example, is looking at a heavy storm arrival at about 6:44 a.m. for the strongest storms to get there.

This again is moving out of our area, over there eastern parts of our area right now.

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