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HOUSTON (CW39) We’ve got a cold start out there this morning you want the winter coat or jacket is a head out the door and not only is it chilly. We’ve got a pretty good breeze out there as well. Winds today are going to be from the northwest at about 10 to 15 miles per hour.

Temperatures this afternoon, maybe getting up into the lower part of the 50’s but at least today unlike yesterday, we’ll see some sunshine

Today is going to be cool! We’re talking about a freeze for some areas tonight for much of the metro area Houston. We’ll see a little above freezing but out in the rural areas, especially west and north of the city. expect some freezing temperatures Thursday morning.

Then for the rest of the week, temperatures will be gradually warming back up and that brings us to a pretty mild weekend.

However, we’ve got another round of rain likely coming in on Saturday. So not an ideal start to the weekend.

Right now temperatures locally are 43 degrees in Houston. Go north to Conroe and it’s a little bit colder at 40. You factor in that wind and it’s feeling like 30’s in several spots right now.

Today, it’s going to be sunny but it will be a little bit breezy with temperatures just slightly over 50 degrees.

Remember that we’ve got the potential for freezing temperatures by tomorrow morning.

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