HOUSTON (KIAH) — It’s the type of weather most of Houston has been looking forward to for months as a cold front brings several fall-like days. The front eases through on Monday, resulting in a modest drop in daytime temperatures, and a more significant drop in overnight temperatures.

Forecast low temperatures for Houston

Ahead of the front, Monday afternoon’s highs will be in the low to mid 90s, which will be the warmest we see for at least a week. Monday night’s lows fall to the mid 60s. I’m calling for 64 in Houston, but rural areas, especially north, will be even cooler.

Assuming Houston falls below 60 degrees Friday morning, it’ll be the coolest since April!

Futurecast Tuesday afternoon

The dry and sunny pattern lasts all week long, in part thanks to Hurricane Ian, keeping Houston’s winds blowing in from the Northeast.

CW39 Houston 10-day forecast

Our Houston 10-day forecast is about as sunny of a 10-day you’ll ever see for Houston. With the lack of rain and low humidity, your lawn and plants may need a little watering at times to stay green and healthy.