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HOUSTON (CW39) According to cardiologists, the cold weather could increase your chances of having a heart attack.

Sally Hernandez and experts share why and how you can prevent it.

How does the cold weather impact our hearts? Cold weather, may cause constriction of the muscles inside the arteries to give blood supply to the heart. This was the mechanism experts thought. Maybe this was due shoveling snow or maybe some heavy exertion related to the cold weather.

Even if you don’t have a lot of cold weather, it does not mean that you’re not anticipating a number of people who might be going to the emergency room.

There are a lot of chronic cardiac conditions such as heart failure which can remain stable theoretically throughout the year when patients overindulge and eat excessively or drink. Excessively these patients have low reserves and over eating can exacerbate some chronic conditions like heart activity. So you could be partially be responsible for the increase in preventable cardiac events.

Experts advise to take accountability of your health. Maybe get out there in the walk before enjoying some of those holiday treats.

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