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HOUSTON (CW39) Happy Monday everyone! It feels like we’re in the middle of the Caribbean right now or something. It’s really warm and is really muggy out there at the moment. We’ve got these light showers and drizzle all across the Houston area and southeast Texas right now just these little green streaks right here.

That’s indicating some of that light rain we’re going to be dealing with this morning. Rain may pick up a little bit before we finally start finding some clearing.

Coming in later today, the bigger picture on radar shows some more widespread activity off towards our west. So the leading edge of a front back behind it, we’ve got some thunderstorms actually approaching the Waco area right along I-35 there between Austin and Waco. So that’s the front and the drier air that’s all coming our direction by this afternoon.

But up until that gets here, we’re going to see some of this rain sticking with us and definitely have very a warm and humid feel. We’ve got 70’s out there right now so future cast at 8:00am and then into noon you can see the rain gradually getting pushed out of here. There’s that front coming in so this will deliver some drier air will get sunshine breaking out, especially areas, west of Houston. But I think we’ll still see it in the Houston area this afternoon.

And then rain mostly done with for the rest of the week now going into Tuesday. We’ll probably find a sun clouds mix Tuesday night one little round of moisture comes in this is the middle of the night though this is 3:00am on Wednesday.

So maybe still some light rain at this point before another front comes in on Wednesday. And definitely shows all this moisture out of here and after that one goes by we’ll certainly see some cooler and drier conditions for the rest of the week. So today again it’s the 1st half the day we’re watching out for some of that rain drier by the afternoon, warm temperatures today up in the mid to maybe some upper 70’s before we start cooling down.

Now tonight, we’re back to eating the heaters you see those temperatures by tomorrow morning, we’re down the low 50’s so tomorrow morning is going to be about 20 degrees colder than this morning. Tuesday, though still pretty warm during the day there’s that next front on Wednesday, breezy and colder behind that look at that by Thursday morning we’re down to 41 with

A high of only 60 on Thursday, so still winter feel coming our way eventually later this week and as far as rain goes again today and maybe again Tuesday night that’s going to be about it



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