Houston Weather – Dense fog advisory

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HOUSTON (CW39) 1/22/21 It’s Thursday morning and we’re tracking yet again, another fog advisory.

Wednesday, we we’re tracking mild temperatures but a slightly cooler feel that we had the day before with a lot of cloud cover for us today and in general, a pretty mild day.

1/21/21 – We’re still going to see those afternoon temperatures getting up to near 70 degrees, pretty cloudy day today though and also we’re starting this morning with some sea fog right along the coast.

So let’s start off with our weather headlines. We’re talking about some of that fog closer to the coastal areas this morning. So it’s really not going to impact the majority. The commuters around the Houston area again today, a little bit cooler but still mild and still we’re talking above average temperatures today, even though a little front came on through and we’ve got rain chances ahead. We’ve been talking about that this week. Today should be primarily dry here in our area. The next few days and beyond we’ve got some rain to look out for.

Here’s an example of what some of that see fog is looking like right now closer to the coast. The dense fog advisory this morning includes coastal parts of Harris county even down towards Galveston, Brazos Port, & Bolivar Peninsula that whole area right there… seeing that potential for some dense fog and that’s where the lowest visibilities are reported right now. Under a mile around Pearland, LaPorte down towards Galveston to half mile visibility. Angleton reporting about a 3rd of a mile visibility right now.

As far as the rain goes, we’re not going to see a whole lot of that near our area or in our area today, but farther west and north. That’s where we’ll see some more widespread showers today. Most of Houston probably stays dry but it’s going to look like it’s going to rain all day as we’ll. A lot of cloud cover temperatures this morning upper 50’s and low 60’s and this afternoon… even though yes, it is cooler than yesterday.

It’s still going to be pretty mild for January with temperatures topping out right around 70 or maybe even some low 70’s. This afternoon. So that’s always going on short-term as we go forward, we got increasing rain chances for us.


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