HOUSTON (KIAH) — Houston is getting a slight taste of fall with the arrival of the driest air since spring. It’ll still be warm Tuesday with highs in the low 90s. But, with relative humidity below 40%, there won’t be a heat index. That means it won’t feel hotter than the actual temperatures.

CW39 – forecast relative humidity Tuesday afternoon
CW39 – forecast high temperatures Tuesday

The more noticeable impact of the drier air will be the cooler temperatures during the nights and mornings. Many areas north and east of Houston were in the 60s Tuesday morning, and Wednesday morning should be even cooler across the region. Our forecast low of 68 in Houston would make it the coolest since May!

CW39 – forecast low temperatures Wednesday morning

What about rain? It should be no surprise that Houston stays rain free with the drier air, although some areas far west and southwest of Houston could see a few spotty showers today.

CW39 – futurecast Tuesday

As Gulf moisture returns later in the week, rain is back in the forecast Thursday, especially along the coast where it’s a 50% rain chance. Houston’s chance is only 20% Thursday.

CW39 – futurecast Thursday

Rain becomes more widespread for Greater Houston Friday and this weekend, potentially impacting your outdoor plans. Stick with us this week as we continue to fine-tune the weekend forecast.

CW39 Houston 7-day forecast