Houston Weather – Drought in Texas, wildfire season outlook in California

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HOUSTON (CW39) The Texas panhandle is preparing for a potentially active wildfire wildfire season. Last Friday, a large grass fire in Amarillo scorched 87 acres. National Weather Service in Amarillo says when and low relative humidity are leading to grass fires across the area. Also you see here on the drought monitor (in Adam’s video below), that it’s west Texas and up through the panhandle where the worst drought is right now.

Adam’s got a look at the legend where up top, it shows the different categories. There are five of them and so where there’s these darker red colors that’s where its driest right now. So that’s we’re seeing out towards the panhandle in particular.

Now as far as today goes though, it’s California that sees the highest wildfire risk across the nation. That’s because there are some high winds there and the Santa Ana winds also bring some really dry conditions. So that’s what’s happening out west.

That storm system is also tied into what’s going on with our weather right now. Keep in mind, there is a low where things spin like this around low pressure. There’s another one down there in the Pacific. That’s helping to take this Pacific moisture to Texas. So that’s helping to set the stage for a fairly wet pattern for the next several days. Now. Today. Tomorrow.

I think in our general region, mostly Houston, probably on the dry side. Radar shows really nothing around here right now. You’ve got to weigh down to Hwy 90, outside of Brenham to find a little shower on the radar right now and throughout the day today.

Throughout the morning, we’ve talked about that moisture coming in and it’s interacting with this front. That front by the way stays north of Houston today. So that’s really where most of the rain is going to be. So mostly we’re dry today. Now tomorrow, maybe again, we get a little bit of rain but more so west and north of Houston one more time.

Now as we go into Thursday, we see little batch of energy coming in from that same low. That makes for a slightly better chance for some rain around here by Thursday and those chances continue well be on Thursday Friday and the weekend maybe even Monday of next week.

So for today, 60’s right now we’re going to 70’s this afternoon clouds break up a little bit. If you do something outside of really worry too much about the rain. Maybe there’s a few rain drops a pass by. Even if that happens it should be pretty brief. Front comes through tonight. We do cool down a little tomorrow – 55 in the morning with upper 60’s and again maybe some spotty rain tomorrow afternoon.



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