Houston Weather | Forecast heat index for Sept. 27, 2021

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HOUSTONTexas (KIAH) If you’re asking “What happened to fall?” Well, the air is not that dry anymore, so we’re going to see those changes in our weather this week with the humidity building back. The moisture is returning. Clouds are moving back in today and we’re also looking at rain back in the forecast.

Not so much today, but in the days to come, we’ve got some wet weather on the on the way.

So moisture has returned. That’s weather headline number one now today the temperatures will be in the 80s like we’ve seen lately. However with that humidity it’ll be feeling like the 90s.

We’ve got some rainy days ahead … Our temps right now this should be the last morning for awhile where we get down into the 60s for most of the area. We’ve got some upper 60s as you go West and north. A little bit over 70 in parts of town backing it out a little bit farther 80 degrees in Galveston on this Monday morning and as we go on through the day see how we’re going to head into pretty warm territory mid upper 80s for the highs but then here’s the issue.

With that humidity, we have to use the dreaded term heat index once again, so it’s going to be feeling like the 90s. Houston weather is back and it looks like it’s here to stay for the week.

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