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HOUSTONTexas (KIAH) We are part of this large system that’s kind of rushing in different directions, going east right here and going south down through places like Corpus Christi – going south and southwest – away from San Antonio.

Now behind this, what’s going to happen is the atmosphere stabilizes a little bit. So we’re getting some of this light rain in Houston right now and the rain may quiet down late morning.

In midday, the question is “Do we get more storms flaring up this afternoon?” The weather model is showing it’s basically not a whole lot to watch for. Some other models are still showing maybe some storms still pop up in scattered form this afternoon. Either way, the worst of today’s rain has passed even if we start getting some a little bit later on today.

Weather this week

What about the next few days though? We’re still watching a pretty active pattern so here we go into Thursday and again a round of storms likely during the daytime will be forming a few of these may drop some hefty downpours at times.

On into Friday we’re still looking at this active pattern and even into our weekend, we’ve got a storm system that’s going to linger nearby that’s gonna keep rounds of rain or waves of rain coming through at Times.

This week overall

Now this morning the rain chance basically 100% but as we get into the afternoon I’m going to call it at 50 meaning some scattered stuff is still possible still more scattered rain Thursday I think the rain covers a little more ground as we get into Friday and Saturday so this is a type of setup that could impact your weekend for sure even Sunday some lingering rain and then less of it as we get into next week

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