HOUSTON (KIAH) — After tropical storm force winds rocked Houston yesterday with peak gusts 40 to 50+ mph, a less windy day is in store for our Friday. Still, the wind will be impactful as sustained winds will average 15 to 20 mph, with occasional gusts of 20 to 30 mph.

Winds back down tonight, and will continue to relax over the weekend. Saturday’s winds will average 10 mph or less, and then winds turn calm on Sunday.

All this wind is also ushering in cool air. In fact, the coolest temps out of this whole stretch of fall-like weather comes tonight with 40s Saturday morning at sunrise. I expect to see lows in the upper 40s in the city, but cooler mid 40s outside of the city in more rural areas.


It gets a bit warmer Sunday with a high of 80 degrees. Trick-or-treaters, I expect low 70s at 6 p.m., then falling to the 60s after sunset. It’ll be clear, calm and pleasant.

A bit weather story next week: another significant cold front will likely bring another round of cool days for the 2nd half of the week, along with some potential rain Tuesday and beyond.

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