HOUSTON (KIAH) — Could it be? Finally an end in sight to the very hot temperatures! It all begins Monday as a weak cold front arrives and stalls for a few days. Meantime, triple-digit highs continue for Greater Houston through Sunday.

CW39 – forecast rain totals Mon-Wed

Comparing a few weather models, we see a large difference in projected rain totals for Monday through Wednesday of next week. I think the 7″ bulls-eye by the American (GFS) model is unlikely. However, this tells us there will be plenty of moisture in the atmosphere, and if storms move slowly, rain could pile up. What models do agree on is that rain will coat most of our region next week, and many areas could receive one inch or more. Bring it on!

NOAA’s 7-day rain outlook

NOAA’s 7-day rain outlook is more modest for now, suggesting average rain totals closer to half an inch next week. I have a feeling Friday’s new model runs will prompt a slight uptick in NOAA’s next update of forecast totals in our region.

Now, as far as the heat goes, Houston will likely reach 100 both days this weekend. As clouds and rain take over our area next week, we’ll cool off pretty nicely.

CW39 Houston 7-day forecast

Since the front and rain arrive late-day Monday, Monday still gets a chance to heat up to at least the mid 90s. Beyond that, Tuesday and Wednesday will be cooler. In fact, it’s possible we’ll be no warmer than 80s on Tuesday.