Houston Weather – Humid for now, tracking cold front on the way

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HOUSTON (CW39) Temperatures are going to be in those 70’s across the board this morning, making it a really mild start to the day. This is putting us around 10 degrees warmer than where we were sitting at yesterday morning. Our muggy meter shows humidity is high I would put us anywhere between sticky and humid and air you can wear for today. Dew points are going to be in those upper 60’s and lower 70’s throughout the area for this morning.

That’s going to be the case heading into this afternoon. The good news is do we do have a drier pattern that’s going to be taking place this upcoming week.

We are tracking cold front that is pushing south eastward as we head through our afternoon. So right now we see moist humid air that we’re dealing with right now.

That cold front is where we’ll get that drier air and that’s going to be funneling through the area as we head into lunch time for today. The radar is picking up on light showers moving through Houston right now. So you could be dealing with a little bit of patchy drizzle on your early morning commute.

As for lunch time, it may not be the best time to have that lunch outdoors. By dinner time, things will be looking good. We’ll see that clearing process take place throughout the afternoon.

Temperatures are going to be a bit on the warmer side today, topping out in those mid to upper 70’s. By dinner time we’ll be dry or things really starting to clear up for us with temperatures near 70 degrees. So some pretty good patio dining for tonight.



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