Houston Weather – Low 20°s as Deep Freeze comes in President’s Day

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(Photo by Angela WEISS / AFP)

HOUSTON (CW39) Lots going on there in the seven-day forecast! Tuesday we could see low 20’s, rain, sleet even snow are not out of the question.

Today we’ve got 60’s at least for Houston and colder farther north.

Thursday, we start the day in the 50’s getting colder throughout the day. We could be under 50 before the sun goes down Thursday evening. You can tell because there could actually be some sleet around the Austin area in spots north.

Around here rain will pick up as we go through Thursday, so probably some widespread wet weather tomorrow. Showers. Even a couple of thunderstorms and even colder temperatures.

Then as we get Friday, we’re in the 40’s. Friday is less wet, but still it’s just cloudy and it’s going to be cold and we’ve got a long stretch – about a week of some very cold temperatures around here starting gradually tomorrow.

Saturday Sunday, highs in the 40’s with lows and the 30’s but really for most of us avoiding the really cold freezing temperatures until just at the end of the weekend.

Monday, a freeze possible Monday morning and a deep freeze possible.

Tuesday morning we could see lows in the 20’s. We don’t get down there too often. Rain, sleet even some snow are not out of the realm of possibility for Monday.


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