Houston Weather – Misty morning, warm and rainy days ahead

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HOUSTON (CW39) Well here we are on a Thursday morning & a little bit closer to the weekend.

I’m chief meteorologist Adam Krueger here and our weather today is kind of yucky day. Expect some wet roads as you head out because there’s mist and drizzle across much of Houston right now. At least the temperatures are not that bad. We’re in the 60’s this morning and as we get into the afternoon we’ll warm up into probably some low 70’s. 70 and light rain is better than 40 and light rain, but it’s just not going to be a really nice looking day today.

Pretty wet for today, and this might be our most wet day out of the next several days and we’re also going to see some patchy. Though unlike yesterday morning, where we had some of that sea fog, that’s not really an issue so far this morning. Now we do see more potential rainy days ahead.

We also see more warm days coming our way for a while as the cold stays away.

I want to start with the visibility. It was around this time yesterday that we have some very low visibilities down south near the coast. Again that’s not the case this morning. There are a couple spots like Sienna and the Bush Airport, that are both reporting half mile visibility right now so some patchy areas may see some fog.

There is no dense fog advisory though across our area this morning.

However later today, we may actually start to see redevelopment of some of that sea fog, so it’s not just a morning thing. It can happen in the afternoon.

On radar right now – very little to look at yes, there’s a lot of cloud cover & a couple showers have been passing by.

CW39 meteorologist Carrigan Chauvin was out in Bayou Vista, Galveston with more.

The issue though with this drizzle and mist is it really doesn’t show up too well on radar, so we may have that happening out there even though there’s really not much indicated on radar right now. Temperatures are currently very mild this morning in Houston at 62 right now.

As you go farther north and west, we do see some cooler spots where if you out, temperatures there are in the 50’s. This afternoon you see the numbers as we’re heading up towards the upper 60’s to low 70’s. So again another warm day for us, but the issue is we’ve got some of that drizzle this morning which may convert over to more substantial showers.



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