HOUSTON (KIAH) — Houston’s stormy pattern isn’t done just yet. In fact, rain chances look pretty good Thursday through Saturday as a disturbance drifts through the Gulf of Mexico. Keep the umbrella handy, or at least toss it in the back seat of your car.

CW39 – NOAA’s 5-day rain outlook

After 1-3″+ across a large part of our area Wednesday, future rain amounts look to be around one inch on average, with lower amounts north and higher amounts south. However, the atmosphere remains capable of producing heavy downpours that could certainly drop more than one inch in isolated locations.

CW39 – forecast rain chances

Keep in mind, higher rain chances mean rain is expected to cover more ground. It doesn’t necessarily mean more of the day will be rainy. In fact, I expect many gaps in the rain over the next few days. Think of it as “off and on” in nature, likely coming in waves of scattered rain from the Gulf.

A hotter and drier pattern settles in during the early part of next week.

CW39 Houston 7-day forecast