Houston Weather – Rain chances all week, no more cold

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HOUSTON (CW39) Good Monday morning to you! Meteorologist Adam Krueger here. We’re were off to a cold start, which is the same old story. That’s been the case lately in the mornings but that has changed this week.

It started turning more spring-like but in the short term hour by hour, temperatures this morning will be in the 40’s, with even a few spots in the 30’s. Actually right now, as we go through the day it will be a warm one. We’re going to head up to about 70 degrees this afternoon as clouds start moving in late in the day. That’s just the beginning of this whole new pattern we’re going to be experiencing as we work our way through this week.

Now we’re looking ahead to the weekend. Join us this morning from 6-10am on CW39 Houston.


We’re looking at again – things changing. It’s a new week and it’s a new pattern coming our way. No more cold after this morning. Those 30’s, 40’s in the mornings, that’s going to be done with for the foreseeable future for at least the next week.

After today, we have rain chances pretty much in the forecast every single day. That doesn’t mean it’s going to rain on you every day but some rain will be out there in our region pretty much every day starting tomorrow.

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