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HOUSTON (KIAH) – Looks like the rain will return soon to Houston. Maybe a little tomorrow, but a slightly better chance as we get into our weekend.

We’ve got a cold front in Texas, but it’s not coming here. It’s significantly cooler up through the Panhandle right now. It will be near our area, but it will pause just north of southeast Texas and not bring an impact locally.

On the futurecast this afternoon, the clouds break up a little bit. Heading into Friday morning, maybe we get a couple spots with a little drizzle, but no significant rain.

Over the weekend again, it’s a different story. We’ll start to see some scattered showers and a few thunderstorms roll our way from the gulf going south to north across our area. The rain chance is kind of up and down and then back up again next week.

Here’s what we have happening in the short term. Again as we get into the weekend Saturday into Sunday some scattered rain is possible.

It will be mainly dry Monday.

Another thing we’re watching for next week is a potential pacific storm coming our way.